Friday, September 13, 2013

Wishing for a little more dust

Colorado seems to be floating away after the torrential downpour of the last few days. The average annual percepition in Denver is 14.98 inches, and although I can't see how much rain we've had at our house specifically, in Eldorado Springs, less than 12 miles away, they've had 15 inches since Monday. What happens when that much rain fall so quickly? Flash floods and massive amounts of water everywhere. 

So far the dam above my house is holding, and we're all safe. But in an attempt to pull myself away from compulsively watching the news, I just wanted to share some pictures of typical Colorado-- when the dust blows. 

Baby Buckaroo and I took his grandparents, my in-laws, to a small community rodeo in July. I love rodeos, and my favorite event, calf roping, just makes me happy. 


And oh... look at that dust!


Haddock said...

Its raining in Colorado? Was there last month. A nice place, or rather a lovely place :-)

Cowgirl in the City said...

Haddock, yes, we're experiencing record breaking floods right now. 15 inches of rain since Monday.


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