Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Cuddle Bug (and a cry for help)

This month has been a tough one for the little man here.

First he got an ear infection. Then he had some stomach bug which started out as diarrhea (which means Mommy had to stay home from work with him because he couldn't go to childcare), which ended up getting Mommy sick, which got Daddy sick, which then turned into full-blown baby flu after I recovered.

We're all healthy now, but it was a rough month.

In addition, law school started, and classes started.
And my toddler moved up to the 3 year old class because he's so smart the school needed more kids in the 3 year old class, which means underwear only at school. That threw us all into full blown potty training before I really think I was ready. Sonny is ready though, and still with only one or two accidents a day, he's a champ.
But it's all added up to the fact that I haven't written anything on the blog FOREVER! I wonder, do people still read my blog? Should I keep writing, or is it all getting old fashioned, like SO five years ago?
What do you think? Should I keep up with blog? Or let it die a slow, lonely death?


Meredith said...

Yes, keep blogging. You got me to de-lurk to say so! :-)

Catherine B Smith said...

I love reading the blog! It's how I know what you're up to and see cute pictures of my nephew!

Meghan said...

Totally late to chime in here, but I read too! We need to do lunch soon :)


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