Friday, May 25, 2012

Baby Quilts

Since the law semester has ended, I've been making quilts like crazy. Although, I'll admit I have NO pictures of all my works in progress. Sad. But the majority of the quilts that I've been making are baby quilts.

The best thing about baby quilts, is the fact that babies will actually play with them. Case in point, my baby, above, caught in the middle of a rousing game of peekaboo. 

I love making quilts, but I hate to see the quilt folded and put away so it won't get dirty. Granted, I won't let my baby drink cool aid on his quilt, but I want him to use it. 

This scrappy cowboy quilt was made by my mom, and it is Bebe's favorite quilt to play peekaboo with. 

Why does the simple game of peekaboo bring so much joy? 

Maybe that is the answer to world peace, we just all need a quilt so we can play peekaboo with each other instead of fighting. 

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