Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Stepped in so Far: Life of an Evening Law Student

It's spring break during my third year of law school. But unlike the majority of law students across the country, I'm an evening (part-time) student, and won't be graduating this May. Instead I'll experience life as a 4L, and sigh... it looks like I won't be graduating until I'm actually a 4.5L.

Is that even a category?! The average evening student graduates at 4 years, but the whole having a baby in the middle of my second year of law school threw me off a bit. Even though I have a bit more than a year and a half until I graduate, sometimes I feel like I'll never finish this agony called law school. I get discouraged and wonder why I started this in the beginning, but now... well, I'm well over half way through, and now, I can't quit as I'm in too deep.

As I think about getting in too deep, the years I spent in undergrad studying Shakespeare comes flooding back.

In Macbeth, Act III, Scene IV
Macbeth famously utters his expression that he has killed so many and is so covered in blood that he can now, metaphorically speaking, no longer turn back and seek salvation:

I am in blood / Stepp'd in so far, that, should I wade no more, / Returning were as tedious as go o'er"
Literal translation: I am in blood so deeply stepped that even if I waded or walked no more, returning would be as tedious or as time consuming and difficult as going over or returning.

As a child my mom and grandpa called me McBeth, playing off of my middle name Beth. Now I'm living up to my namesake, MacBeth, and I too am in too deep, feeling overwhelmed and exhausted.

But perhaps I shall take Lady MacBeth's advice and sleep on it.

"You lack the season of all natures, sleep" (Line 141).


Amanda said...

I need to take Lady MacBeth's advice too, ha! Girl - I have so much mad respect for you. I could not do law school for that long.

Michael said...

Keep the faith - you'll get there! :-)


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