Monday, March 19, 2012

Sometimes the Best Advice is... well, like Baby Oil

A few days ago I went to a law school career advice panel. The purpose of the panel was to show evening students at law school how to transition their pre-law school careers into a post-law school job. There was a ton of great advice, and I met and talked to a lot of smart, interesting people.

But the one take away I had, was when one of the panelists said, "There's a point your law school career where you just have to quit your job, leap out on blind faith, and really do the law school thing."
Or something along those lines, as I wasn't taking verbatim notes.

Immediately the blood rushed out of my head and I felt sick to my stomach. That was the one thing I DID NOT want to hear.

I can't quit my job. Yes, I know that I would have better opportunities with internships and future legal jobs, if I had more time to get more legal experience while in law school. But then, who will pay for my mortgage? For my kid's health insurance? In fact, more to the point, how will I justify giving up my job's tuition waiver program, where my non-legal job is paying for 20 law school credits a year, just so I can go to law school?

I still hyperventilate when I think about quitting my job and just being a law student.

But then, I force myself to realize, that advice is just advice. It's not like this nameless career panelist knows my EXACT situation, or that his way is the only way to get a legal job when I graduate.

Advice is just advice.

And well, sometimes, it might be bad advice. Like this advertisement that is selling baby oil to moms so their babies can tan and not be so pasty white.

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Michael said...

Oh boy... who wants to turn their baby into an oompa loompa?!? What an ad!!! :-$

For what it's worth, I wouldn't entertain the idea of quitting my job either! :-)


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