Monday, March 12, 2012

Growing Pains

One of the most repeated cliches every new mother hears is: "Treasure every second, it goes by so fast."

I mentally roll my eyes every time someone tells me that, well, because it's true.

Baby Buckaroo is now 15 months old. He doesn't crawl any more, he runs. He jabbers and baby talks constantly, and his favorite words seem to be, Bye, Hey!, Dada, Mama, Me, and what sounds like Amy. Since he calls me Mama, I don't think he's calling me Amy too, but well, who knows? I answer to both.

But ultimately, I'd like it if the kid stopped growing. Can he be a little baby again, who's sole purpose in life was to snuggle on my chest and take a zillion naps a day?


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