Wednesday, January 11, 2012

First day

As today is the first day of the spring law semester, I'm using it also to be the first day of my new schedule, the first day to start working on all of those resolutions I hate making. Its a new beginning, the slates have been washed clean, and there are no mistakes yet made. I love fresh starts.  

I woke up with the Chef this morning at 3:30, or as I like to refer to it O Dark Thirty. Sigh. It was rough, but then I sat down at my computer and wrote for two hours.

I wrote, the words just pouring out of me. I was writing, working on my book, and not stressing over homework, not trying to be witty and brilliant in a blog post-- just writing, opening up my imagination and letting the words flow. That is a wonderful feeling, and makes getting up a O dark Thirty completely worth it.

And now... off to start the rest of the day.

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