Wednesday, May 25, 2011


Hello Dimples.

I can't help it, I have to share these dimples with the world. Baby giggles melt me. Baby cuddles warm my heart.

But these dimples?

I swoon.

While I want to chew on Bebe's cute little toes and cover his neck with smooches, I could seriously stare at these dimples for the rest of my life, completely happy.

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Am I the Biggest Loser?

Nope. Olivia is.

But I want to be.

I couldn't believe it, tonight's Biggest Loser finale had an all girl finale.  The sisters of the purple team, Olivia and Hannah were the biggest losers, with Olivia winning the title, The Biggest Loser.

And Deni, a 59 year old grandma, lost over 48% of her beginning body weight to win the at home prize of $100,000. Deni has eight children and gained weight after each child, and never lost the weight she gained.
I was sad that Rulon Gardner wasn't at the finale, but apparently by making the decision to quit the show a few weeks from the finale he had to abide by production rules -- people who quit cannot participate in the finale. Here we had an Olympic athlete, a gold medalist, a real winner -- and he quit. It was Olivia, an overweight opera singer, Hannah, an injured college athlete who ballooned up after college, and Deni, a 59 year old grandma, who made it to the end, never giving up.

I've been inspired by all three of these women. While they earned the Biggest Loser prize money and totally remade their lives, they inspired me to get off the couch and start working out. My weight and my fitness is solely my responsibility, and in my hands. Only my determination and discipline will earn me a healthy and fit body. It's up to me. I might not be on the Biggest Loser, but I can take ownership of my health.

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Wedding Weightloss Challenge: The Inspiration

My cousin is getting married in Seattle this September. I still haven't lost all the weight I gained during maternity leave (not during my pregnancy, I lost that weight right after Bebe was born, but then the 3 months I stayed at home turned me into a pile of lard. I have to tuck my stomach into my pants every morning... not attractive!) and I'm determined to be in fabulous shape by the wedding.

My inspiration? I want to wear this dress and look fabulous in it!
It's September, and may be (probably will be) cool in Seattle, so I think a cute sweater or shrug would complete this look.

I love the shape of the dress, the poof of the skirt. Its adorable. And if I can trim myself down to a size 8, this cute dress from Anthropologie will be all mine!

Its time to hit the gym, the yoga mat, and start pounding pavement again!

Monday, May 9, 2011

My First

Happy Mother's Day!

I'm thrilled to be celebrating my first ever Mother's Day as a Mommy.

Bebe doesn't seem to care one way or the other.  

Monday with McCutie

I can't help it. I, as does every mother everywhere, think my kid is adorable.

And Bebe thinks he's pretty hot stuff too. He loves to pose for the camera.
His shirt says it all... he's a little McCutie.

Friday, May 6, 2011

Wish List for Mom's Day

I am so excited to celebrate my first Mother's Day this weekend! :)

Bebe and the Chef asked me what I wanted for a present, so I decided to come up with a wish list, just to help them out.
A necklace would be a good way to celebrate, and Bebe's birthstone is blue topaz. Or Tanzanite. (Why are there two birthstones for December?) But this Blue Topaz Journey necklace can be found here.
Or, this lovely Kindle can be easily found here.

And well, how could I say no, if The Chef whisked me away from a chilly Colorado Spring so we can have a romantic dinner here?
I mean, who am I to complain?

Or even if the Chef got me a bunch of flowers, that'd be nice too.
But, I think the best Mother's Day present will be snuggling with my two main squeezes, the Chef and our Baby Buckaroo!

Happy Mother's Day to all the moms out there!
What do you want for Mother's Day?

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Souffle Lovin

I did it.
I conquered my fear of Julia Child, and I made a souffle.
Pictured above are the cheese souffles I made for breakfast for the Chef and I. They were puffy and incredibly yummy.

Later that afternoon, I made a chocolate souffle! (Because I can!)
I was so excited when I pulled it out of the oven I didn't take a picture, but the next souffle adventure I take, I'll be sure to document!

Take that Julia! Souffles aren't as hard as previously thought.


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