Monday, November 28, 2011

Need to be a little more like Hermione this week

I need to be more like Hermione Granger.

It’s reading week for law school, which means we have about a week to study, put the finishing touches on our class outlines, and do practice problems before the joyous two week period of final exams begin. But I’m not like Hermione Granger, that intrepid, studious girl. Instead I’m afraid I’m a bit more like Ron, squeaking through my finals on sheer nerve and luck.

For instance tonight, I had a few hours to study, and instead of getting to it, I played with the Baby for two hours, then cleaned the kitchen, baked pumpkin bread, cleaned out the fridge, ironed, and sewed two quilt blocks. Now that I’m finally sitting down to study, I’m tired and its past my bedtime. Perhaps I’ll study better in the morning before the baby wakes up. Hmm…

Hopefully when finals are finished this year, I'll be known, like Harry Potter's Hermione for my "use of cool logic in the face of fire."
Procrastination, thy name is Amy.

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