Monday, April 4, 2011

Quilting Again Despite Mommy Brain

Last night, I sat down and cut fabric, preparing to start quilting again. I had dreams of my maternity leave being full of reading deep books, painting rooms in my house, decorating, and hours and hours of quilting, with my baby sleeping soundly in a basket at my feet.

Not one second of that reflects what actually happened.

The closest I got to quilting during maternity leave was when my mom and I took Daniel to The Quilt Store to buy fabric. I fell in love with Mark Lipinski's line, Winter's Grace, and since it was on sale, bought a ton of fabric to make a full sized quilt. That fabric, along with several unfinished projects sat in a bag in my office closet for months. But finally, I had the energy-- and creative juices-- to start cutting fabric.

However, that decision was risky. People always said that after you have a kid, that you're brain shrinks, that you become super forgetful. It's true.

On Saturday I tried to make brownies, and despite reading the directions only seconds before, instead of measuring 1 cup of oil and 1 cup of water for a triple batch of brownies, I measured out 2 cups of oil and 2 cups water. Oye. And I'm a baker! (I went ahead and cooked the brownies, they were only ok, and very oily, but the chocolate covered up a myriad of mistakes.)

This morning I tried to unlock my office door by pushing the unlock button on my Toyota car keys.

I also poured my cold cereal in my coffee mug with coffee creamer this morning, not in the bowl sitting next to it.

So when I go back to my fabric, I hope that I made my fabric cuts right. At this point, anything is possible!


Nicole said...

Well at least you put the brownies in the oven, not the microwave. :) Good luck on the quilt!

Michael said...

Hmmm, maybe there's a trend emerging here - there's a UK blawger who's branching out into quilting =>

Might be worth checking out? :-)


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