Thursday, April 28, 2011

A Library with No Books-- Is this the future?!

I am a self diagnosed bibliophile. I love books, always have, and hopefully always will.

A few months ago when we moved a huge bookcase into our room to make room for the nursery, my husband said, "Can we get rid of some of these books that you haven't read in years?"

I froze at the suggestion, unable to comprehend getting rid of my precious books. "No." I said finally.
"These books are my friends. I have memories associated with them, like the first time I read them, the people I talked about the book with, stuff like that. The books aren't leaving."

I love books, its true. I'm currently on a quest to read 75 books this year, and blog about as many of them as I can. I've discovered Goodreads, and have joined two different reading groups (because one isn't enough, is it?). My favorite place growing up was a library, and now my office is even located in a library. I love taking five minutes and browsing the stacks when I get a chance.

But that could all soon be changing, as the University's library is soon to be under construction for a huge remodel. The bad news? Only 20% of the books will be returning to the library. The rest of the space will be for studying, offices, a cafe... but not many books.

Since the decision to return only a portion of the books to the library was made by the board of trustees, not the professors or students, much controversy has been stirring (see here and here).

I'm just sad. A library with no books. I hope this isn't the future for every library. Yet, I'm afraid it might be.

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