Friday, April 8, 2011

Book Review: Ladies of the Field

Early Women Archaeologists are profiled in a delightful, quick reading book!

Amanda Adams took seven women archaeologists (or those passionate about archaeology) and did a brief biographical sketch on each. While Adams is an Archeologist herself, she wrote this book for the mainstream public, and I fell in love with the women as much as Adams did herself.

A few days ago I listened to Amanda Adams give a presentation about the book and her process of writing the book. I was charmed as she talked of the Victorian women who shook off the bounds of polite society where women were only to delicate, frail creatures who should keep to the house and housewifely affairs. These women, most financially independent, ventured into the wild, unmapped deserts in search of history.

Reading about Amelia Edwards (1831-1892) and Gertrude Bell (1868-1926) as they traveled and explored history of Egypt and modern day Iraq, respectively, I really tasted the adventure they craved and sought after. Another woman, famous mystery author Agatha Christie (1890-1976) spent thirty years working on archaeological digs with her second husband, all the while writing her famous stories.

This non-fiction book is written well, fast paced, and a great read on a cold spring night! I could almost feel the desert heat creeping out of the book and warming my toes!

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Lisa Vella said...

Sounds like an interesting read. I'll have to check that one out. Thanks for the review!


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