Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Beginning Gardening: Starting Seeds Indoors

 I did it. I entered my first spring where I've started some plants indoors instead of waiting until the temperamental weather heated up. The Chef asked that I [try to] grow tomatoes this year, because he's eager to make tomato sauce in abundance. I agreed, scared of the unknown. Tomatoes seem so picky... and growing them from seed, almost impossibly hard.

I remember my Grandma Margie and how she'd start tomatoes, babying them all spring, then when she transplanted them outdoors used wall-o-waters to tee pee around them to help protect them from the weather. Once the tomatoes were larger, my mom would pay us to pull off the ugly slugs (caterpillars?) that seemed to always cover the young tomato plants. The going rate for the slug removal was a quarter, but I deemed it unworthy of the task.

I'm trying not to think of the bugs now (ick!) ... just focus on the young sprouting seeds. That's what I'll do.

In an effort to save time and effort, I bought some Coco One Steps, little pellets you immerse in water, and they swell to make little self contained pots for the seeds.

I soaked, I planted. I watered. Now, I'm just eagerly waiting for some sprouts.

Hopefully I inherited Grandma Margie's green thumb, and not the Black Thumb of Death I fear.

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