Sunday, January 30, 2011

Fabriholics Unite

My mom came into town earlier this week to hang out with me and snuggle the baby. Well, the visit was all about the baby and very little about me. :) But we had fun, did a lot of shopping, and went to the best Quilt Store ever.

While I just went to browse and be supportive of Mom and her purchases, I got sucked into the clearance area in the old kitchen part of the store. Christmas fabrics were 40% off, and I got hooked. All thoughts and determination to be frugal and live on a budget flew out of my mind and I walked out of the store floating high on the after effects of fabric shopping. Is there a name for buying TOO much fabric? I think there should be a group, Fabriholics Anonymous that I could join.

Just as I finished one quilt, and my mom did a lovely job quilting it (doesn't she do a good job?) here I have another project to work on.

I'm so excited!

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