Wednesday, October 27, 2010


Yesterday was a very stressful day for me. I kind of had a meltdown at work when I realized how much I had to do before maternity leave, and how little time I have remaining. In addition, I've been stressed about registering for classes next semester. Yes, I know... I'll have a baby to worry about, but I've been tempted into considering registering for two classes in the spring-- both seminars, and both that meet only one afternoon a week. The thought that I could knock 6 credits of laws school out and only be gone from my precious baby for 4-5 hours one afternoon is very tempting. But the problem is, in order to register for those two specialized law seminars, I had to apply for them, and the professor will pick the students he'd like to register for that class. Basically it's a lottery.


Last night the stress resulted in me having a very common nightmare. I dreamt that I was driving a tractor for my dad on the ranch. The tractors change shape, but the common thread of these nightmares is that I'm driving a 150 thousand dollar piece of equipment around, and I can't get it to stop. I have a runaway tractor! Usually the dream results in me running though fences, running into a haystack, or somehow breaking a tire. Ultimately I'm a nervous wreck because I have to tell my dad, my boss on the ranch, that I broke the tractor.

When I woke up from this common nightmare I was so relieved. Hey, I may be having this baby in 5-8 weeks. I might be on the downward slope of the law school semester. Work might be stressful. But I didn't wreck a very expensive tractor-- life could always be worse.

That thought consoled me all morning. (And I'll find out about my classes later today, whether I made the lottery or not.)

Monday, October 18, 2010

Counting Down

Over the weekend I came to the frightening realization that I could have Baby Buckaroo anytime-- officially I'm due in 9 weeks, but even if Baby came between 6-9 weeks, he wouldn't be premature. Eek. How did it happen that this Long pregnancy that seems to move so slow at the beginning, has flown by?

I'm currently 63 days away from my due date! 63 days!!!

(If I had a brown paper bag right now I'd be doing some heavy breathing into it.)

However, I've decided to embrace the last few weeks of pregnancy. I still feel pretty good overall. While I'm starting to get the back aches and pains that go along with the third trimester, ultimately I thank God that my pregnancy has been so easy for so long. The Chef teases me and keeps telling me that easy pregnancies mean hard labors-- but I'm faithful that I take after my Mommy who sailed through her pregnancies AND labors. I mean, God gave me these child birthing hips for a reason, didn't He?

With the pregnancy days that are quickly counting down, so are my law school classes. We have five weeks left of classes. Five weeks! FIVE WEEKS, BABY! (can you hear the hysteria?-- trust me, its there!). Which means in addition to freaking out about the end of my pregnancy, I'm also starting to feel the stress/freaking out about law school finals starting to ramp up.

However, I've decided to be faithful, to not worry, to TRUST in Him. After all, I'm in these stressful times of struggle for a reason, aren't I? I'm being refined by the fires of life, right? If it doesn't kill me, it only makes me stronger?!

That's the way I'm going to look at things... and I'm going to buckle down and get to work.

Philippians 4:13 "I can do everything through Him who gives me strength."

Friday, October 15, 2010

Movie Review: Life as We Know It

Last night, in an effort to spend quality time together during a last two months of baby-freedom, the Chef took me out to dinner and a movie. I had taken the day off of work, because Baby Buckaroo was seriously kicking my butt and I needed sleep. So when the Chef came home I was still on the couch feeling a bit blue and sorry for myself.

I got to select the movie, and so I went with Life as We Know It, starring Katherine Heigl, Josh Duhamel, and Josh Lucas. I'm a big Katherine Heigl fan, and while I was hoping this movie wouldn't be as gross as Knocked Up, I was excited about the ROMANTIC COMEDY aspect. I needed funny and romantic.

We settled down in the theatre after chowing down at Rock Bottom, and I prepared myself to laugh.

There were funny parts, like the picture above, where Heigl ended up wearing most of what was in the baby's diaper. But the rest of the movie... dramatic. I cried throughout the whole movie. The chef kept squeezing my hand and saying, "it'll be ok" but I still cried.

I'm used to crying during movies... but this was a little excessive. I should have done more research before watching this movie-- about two people having to raise a baby after the parents were killed tragically. The pregnancy hormones, subject matter, and well, everything else, made me cry throughout.

Romantic-- yes! Comedy-- I don't really think so.

Sigh. Next time, I'll pick a war movie-- RED looks good.

Monday, October 11, 2010

Our bags were packed-- and nowhere to go.

A few weekends ago, the Chef and I were all set to take a long three day weekend to New York to visit family. We were excited to spend some time out of state and eager to show of the ever growing Baby Bump.

In order to maximize the amount of time that we got to spend with all of the New York family, we booked a red-eye flight on Jet Blue that was to leave at 11 Thursday evening. With a quick layover in Boston, we would land at JFK at 7:30. That was the plan.

Reality was very much different.

When I left work Thursday afternoon, I had a list of things that I needed to remember to pack, errands to run, and bills to put in the mail. I was organized, and I was ready.

The Chef announced when I got home that we were just going to check the luggage, since Jet Blue lets bags fly for free (who ever thought that that would be a perk?!). Since I didn't have to go out and buy mini-bottles of contact lens solution, my errands were cut out completely. I packed the bag, and settled down to take a nap.

When I woke up at 7, I double checked the flight status of our plane and found that we had a thirty minute delay because of the weather. I checked in online, and made sure to tell my husband that we could leave for the airport even later. Then I took another nap.  

By 8:30, our flight had been delayed until 1 am and the Chef started to worry. He called the airline and tried to switch our flights, but then realized since I checked in online, we couldn't do anything over the phone, we would have to go to the airport in order to switch flights. I reassured him that everything would be fine, and I went back to sleep.

By 11, our flight had been delayed until 2 am. We grumbled, and I went back to sleep.

By 12, our flight had been delayed until 3 am, we grumbled, I took another short nap, then we packed our stuff into my brother's car, and we headed to the airport.

As we checked our suitcase in at the airport, I was struck by how eerily quiet the massive terminal was. The guy at the counter smiled at us, and congratulated us for missing the massive line that had checked in earlier, and who had all grumbled at the flight delays. Since it was 1 in the morning, we felt slightly punch-drunk, but grinned and said that we'd followed the flight status online.

But then the flight attendant broke the news, we'd get to Boston just a few hours later than we had planned, but all of the connecting flights to New York had all been completely booked. All of them were booked. We would have to be on standby, and there was no guarantee that we could get a flight into JFK on Friday at all.

Feeling adventurous, we said we'd figure something out in Boston, and we schlepped our bags to security. The scene around our gate looked a bit like a refuge camp. People were stretched out on the carpet, trying to sleep. There were lines to to the tiny one person bathroom since the larger bathrooms were currently getting cleaned. We sat down, settled in, and prepared to wait for our airplane to unload its passengers.

At 2:30 a.m. I didn't really pay attention as I watched hundreds of sleepy-eyed people stumble there way off the plane and wander back towards the main terminal. I didn't notice as the flight crew followed them. I noticed the announcement that quickly followed, announcing that our flight was cancelled, and wouldn't be rescheduled until 1 pm the next day, as the crew had fatigued.

"Are you kidding?" Every one seemed to shout at once. Our whole night had been beset by delayed flights and tropical storms along the East Coast. Now, once the plane had FINALLY arrived, we were told that the crew had fatigued. Couldn't they have done the math and figured this out before hand?

After standing in lines for two more hours, and with absolutely no way to get to New York before mid-day on Saturday, our tickets were refunded, and we waited with our luggage for my brother to pick us up and drive us back home.

Our bags were packed, but we certainly weren't leaving on a jet plane. After a long morning nap, and our frustration had calmed down, we called my parents on the ranch in Nebraska and asked if we could drive up for the weekend.

A weekend trip to New York changed into a weekend trip to a cattle ranch in Nebraska. It worked out, and we didn't even need to repack our bags.

At least we weren't stuck at home for the weekend.

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Pumpkin Picking

Yup. Baby Buckaroo is as big as a squash.

And today, I totally feel like I'm carrying a squash around with me. I couldn't sleep at all last night because of the feeling that I'd actually swallowed the squash and no matter which way I turned it was uncomfortable. So I'm grumpy and irritable at work. And I'm sure I have many more nights like that ahead of me.

I like fall. I love squash... I have plans to go pumpkin picking this weekend. But carrying a squash around all the time... I'm so not loving it. I guess it's just preparing me for next month, when the kiddo will be as big as a honeydew melon, or month 9 when he's the size of a watermelon.

No more complaining, but I do think I'm going to go home and try to sleep. Try is the operative word.


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