Thursday, November 4, 2010

Introducing the Chef

I spend a lot of time on my blog talking about my best friend and husband, known here in the blogosphere as "The Chef." I just realized, however, that I haven't really formally introduced him.

After our first date, I knew there was something special about this man, who despite the fact of growing up in New York, had so many qualities I admired. This Yankee loving Yankee swooped in and captured this cowgirl from Nevada's heart... and well, seven years later, the rest is history.

The Chef's passion is cooking and food, and he claims that everything is better with butter, cheese, and swine. I have to agree! :) You've heard of the Five Love Languages? Well, I have to disagree, with us, there is a sixth love language, and it's food. We love to eat. We love to cook together, to go to fancy restaurants, to well... enjoy food. This is also why four years after our wedding (and before I got knocked up) I was carrying an extra 15 pounds. Oh well.

Now the Chef doesn't like getting his picture taken, especially by me. But he's so adorable I try to sneak them in, here he is trying to look serious (see pic above).

When the Chef isn't busy whipping up an incredible meal for me, my family, our friends, he also teaches Kung Fu. A Chef who could kill someone with his thumb-- he's like Steven Seagal in Under Siege, although not as scary! :) Last weekend we watched the new Karate Kid movie with Jackie Chan, and the Chef spent the whole time 1) complaining about the title of the movie-- they were in China learning Kung Fu, not karate; 2) and the rest of the time picking apart the different forms of martial arts.
For this cowgirl I still find it fascinating. Where I'm from, if someone wants to start a fight they just go behind the rodeo corrals and have a fist fight-- nothing fancy like kicking and pressure points. Is it shallow that I think its so incredibly awesome that my husband can break bricks?

However incredible I find my husband's cooking, his kung fu, and his love of me, I must say there is one quality about the Chef that always makes my heart flutter.  My husband's best quality is his unshakable faith in God and his devotion to the Bible. I am so excited to be starting a family with him, to see him transform into a father, because I know that he will continue to provide excellent spiritual leadership and will be an exemplary role model for our son or daughter.


gtyyup said...

How sweet!! He'll be the perfect father too~

Jessica @ Acting Adult said...

Aw, that's a great introduction. :)


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