Tuesday, November 23, 2010

At the end of the rainbow

Classes are over for the semester, and now I've officially entered Reading Week. Just one week to prepare outlines, get my notes organized, and refresh my memory of big cases before I get my two finals on Dec. 2.

Thinking about this time last year when I was a clueless and terrified 1L, I have to say that being in my second year of law school has made me so much calmer and at peace with studying, finals, and even (gasp!) grades. Compared to my constant panic about Civil Procedure and Torts last year, this fall I really am not too worried about the finals, one for Constitutional Law and the other for Natural Resource Law. They are take home final papers that I have two weeks to work on before they need to be turned into the Registrar. The idea of having two weeks calms my nerves incredibly. No memorizing, no gathering in a large auditorium with my classmates and writing furiously for three hours during the final. I can take my time. I can get up from my computer and go to the bathroom or take a nap if I hit a writer's block sized wall. I have time.

Well, I have two weeks of time, and that can be seriously limited by the fact that Baby Buckaroo might make an early surprise appearance. But compared to three or four hours of a normal law school final, I feel like I almost have an eternity to finish these papers. And knowing that I don't have to consider the added worry that my water would break in the middle of a law school exam really just puts me at ease.

(Maybe I should ramp up the stress level and that will help me focus on studying this week!) But I finally feel that there is a light at the end of the tunnel-- or at least I've got a glimpse of what's at the end of the rainbow.

I took the picture above a few weeks ago, and I found it hysterical thinking about a truck full of Fat Tire beer was parked at the end of the rainbow. While my pot of gold isn't Fat Tire, I definitely feel like its getting closer. Law School finals are almost here, I have whittled down my list of things to do at work to almost zero, and I've only got 26 days before the official baby due date.

Life is good! While I can't wait to meet the little Baby Buckaroo, I feel like I'm going to truly enjoy these last few weeks of pregnancy (despite the constant heartburn) and hopefully survive law school finals as well.

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