Tuesday, August 17, 2010

First Day of School

 My first day of 2L is over. I survived. And despite the gloom I felt when walking into the building again after such a relaxing summer, I think I'll really enjoy this semester!

I have to say, returning to school with a baby bump and most of my friends knowing that I'm preggo was a bit odd. Those that didn't know had a look of "what the crap are you thinking? Trying to have a baby and be a law student?"

While I listened to my classmates talk of internships, clerking for judges, and taking 5 or 6 classes this semester, it hit me. I've become an outsider at my law school. I am not on the same career path that many of them are on. I already have a full time job. I have a family, house, responsibilities outside the Law World. Does this make me better or worse than them? No-- just different. But I'm used to being different, so I say, let 'er roll!

I chose the two (only two!) classes I'm taking this fall based on the fact that my baby is due two days after finals are over. The two classes I chose both have papers at the end of the semester, and the topics are given out right after Thanksgiving. My plan is to be so organized and prepared, that by the time finals comes I can whip out those papers and then relax and focus on the Baby Buckaroo.

Constitutional Law
I wasn't sure what to expect, but during the introduction to the course, the prof. promised that we'd be discussing Obamacare, Illegal Immigration, and Gay Marriage at length, and determining ourselves through the study of the Constitution, how constitutional or not each topic is. It'll be interesting, but challenging as the reading for each class seems ridiculous. Here's hoping I can keep up!

Natural Resource Law
I came to Law School having a good idea that I wanted to practice in this field. Hello, I'm a ranch girl that grew up next to a mining town, Indian reservation, in the middle of Federally owned public lands. All the topics of natural resource law inspire a deep passionate reaction, and I'm hoping that this class will show me that I can practice in this area without being TOO emotionally involved in every case, and that I'll not feel that I've sold my soul to the devil once I graduate and start working. The topics are so interesting, I'm wondering how the Prof. is going to keep people from arguing every point and every case with each other. It's bound to be interesting, stimulating, and most likely, infuriating at times.

I'm so excited to be back in law school!
(Remind me that I said that in like two months when I want to throw myself off the top of the University bell tower!)


d.a.r. said...

Gawd, I loved my con law class. Ah, seriously, loved.

I remember my 1L year, a girl came to school pregnant and ended up going into labor three days before our fall semester finals. That poor girl was talked about SO much--what on God's green earth was she thinking trying to tackle 1L year while pregnant?!?! Then our third year rolled around and there were several mamas-to-be in our class and no one gave it a second thought. Funny how that happened :) I am sure you will do the balancing act perfectly.

idwsj said...

Way to rock out day 1.

firecracking said...

con law was my absolute favorite class. L-O-V-E-D it. good luck with classes and the baby buckaroo; that's so exciting!

~KS said...

My Con Law class was one of my most challenging- my Prof had never taught it before which makes for an interesting semester... but I enjoyed it.

2L is IMMENSELY easier and better than 1L year...

Amanda said...

Con Law was my 3rd favorite class (to date); after National Security Law and Administrative Law. What can I say? I dream of being a government drone, ha! :)

Glad the day went well! I think 2L is probably the best year to have a baby, not stressed about the bar or graduating yet, not trying to tackle the crazy that is 1L. My two cents anyway!

Cristy said...

Con law = MY FAVORITE class during law school. Have fun this semester and from someone whose baby came 4 weeks early, PLEASE get those papers done as early as possbile! Also, email your administration NOW and get them on board if you haven't done so already.

Jessica @ Acting Adult said...

I'll give it to you for going through second year of law school while pregnant. I'm sure you'll be great, but wow! I'm glad you were able to choose classes that works for your schedule. That's always a plus!


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