Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Lemons to Blueberries-- 1L Classes are over

Last night was our last official law school classes of the year. I can't believe it. My first year of law school is almost over. No scratch that, the horrors of finals are still ahead of me. In my attempt to ward off hysteria, I'm writing a series about the horrors of law finals, that I've experienced, and I've survived. If I can survive... so can you!

When Law Comes Alive

First, don't get so stressed out and wrapped up about your classes, your job, your homework that you forget to breathe.  When you forget to relax… bad things happen. Like you fall asleep at your desk during work and the phone has to ring to wake you up. Or you begin to cry hysterically from everything to announcements at church to the Biggest Loser. Or… you get into a car accident.

Yes, just days after my appellate brief was due, as I’m madly prepping my oral argument that I have to argue down at the Circuit Courthouse in front of three practicing attorneys and my law professor… my car got totaled.

And it wasn’t even my fault! (which is shocking considering my terrible record of accidents in undergrad!)  My husband and I were driving through our neighborhood and about a half a block from our house someone zoomed out of their driveway without looking in the mirror and t-boned our car. Just like that. I was in the middle of a tort hypothetical. I hit my head on the window during the accident, so in addition to having to deal with vehicular insurance we also had to deal with injury insurance.

Policies, claims, HMOs and whiplash… all leapt out of my textbook and into reality.

Ultimately, my car, the Lemon Malibu that seems to be terminally broken in the past was now broken for good and totaled.

So I balanced getting a rental car, working, doctor’s appointments, law school classes, homework, with buying a new car.

The insurance company was generous with us and paid us a lot for the old Malibu… and we capitalized on Toyota’s bad press, and scored a Toyota Matrix. Seriously, if you’re in the market for a new car, go Toyota—they’re desperate right now. 0% for 5 years, huge warranties, great perks. Pretty sweet deal. We got a bright blue, brand spankin new Matrix… with 30 miles on it! I’m so in love with my little car, which oddly looks like a blueberry.

So, when life squished my Lemon, instead of making lemonade, we turned it into a Blueberry!


idwsj said...

So close.

*Cue song of the same name by Jon McLaughlin.

Michael said...

Bad luck re. the accident but your new 'blueberry' car sounds cute. How about uploading a picture? :-)


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