Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Get behind me... umm... Chef

End of day one of my forty days without tv. One day down, 39 days to go.

I came home from work excited to spend time with the Chef. He's been working doubles and all nights for a while, and today was his first day off for over a week. I opened the door to mouthwatering aromas of the dinner he was cooking for me. Yum.

Before I could even hang up my coat, the Chef was excitedly telling me about Anthony Bourdain's latest episode of No Reservations. My abstinence from tv was off to a rocky start as the Chef fired up the DVR on our cable and fast forwarded through Feb 23's episode, "Disappearing Manhattan."

(Remember, as long as I watch tv with hubby, its ok, I just can't watch tv on my own.)

Anthony Bourdain talked about the disappearance of the traditional "old school" Cantonese restaurants in Chinatown. He walked down the street in Chinatown and the Chef and I grinned at each other because whenever we go visit his dad and stepmom in New York, we always go to Chinatown to eat.

Bourdain then went into the restaurant, Hop Kee -- with chef Chris Cheung.

I squealed in delight. Hop Kee is the restaurant the Chef and I ate at right after he proposed to me on a Circle Line cruise around Manhattan. And Bourdain's friend Chris Cheung ordered the exact meal that we shared on that romantic night (which I'll never be able to remember how to order, since its not listed on the menu and only regulars know they can order it, and I can't pronounce the Chinese name for Cantonese style crab).

Anyway it was a special reminder of our engagement day, November 25, 2005. Crazy, it seems like we've just been married, and this June it'll be three years. Wow.

Since this five minute tv clip was such a special reminder of that day, I forgave the Chef for tempting me with tv now that I've sworn it off.

Well, tonight was also the final episode of Top Chef, so after the Chef and I came home from the midweek service of church we cozied up on the coach to see who'd win. Although Hosea is the local boy, working in Boulder just north of Denver, and was a guest chef at my husband's culinary school, we weren't really rooting for him. Fabio really was my pick, and I'm still bitter he got voted off early. Boo...

So I'm not really cheating here... remember, I'm with the Chef. This tv watching is all good. (And I'm not justifying... well not yet.)

The final icing on the cake for my first day on the wagon was yet to come. I went upstairs to our bedroom. The Chef has always been very firmly against having a tv in our bedroom since that is our time to be together, not watch tv. Yet today was the day that he decided to move the old tv from the office into our bedroom, setting it up on my dresser so I can watch tv before I go to bed.

Today! Of all days!

The Chef was feeling bad because he's been working so many nights at the restaurant, and so he decided to move the tv to encourage me (isn't he cute?).

Argghh!!! I'm delighted by my husband and his sweetness, but I know the next 39 days without tv will be so much more challenging now that tv is so easily accessible.

Ahh, the temptation!!!

To quote Jesus, "Get behind me..." umm... well maybe not. (Matt 16:33)


Mindee said...

I was sooo disappointed by the finale - again! I started out rooting for Hosea because of his Denver roots but by the end I wanted anybody BUT him to win. Maybe it was the whole Leah thing?

Catherine Blake said...

No no! The ease of no tv for Lent is to disconnect the cable or remove yourself from the room or house completely!!

But in all seriousness, if he doesn't want to watch it in the bedroom, maybe you should move it back to the office...

Cowgirl said...

Mindee, Yes, it was totally the Leah thing. And partially the fact my husband wasn't very impressed with anything Hosea cooked when they met.

Catherine, the tv in the bedroom isn't hooked up to cable, so all I could watch is movies, but you're right, I might move it!

Screwed Up Texan said...

Oh no! Now that is cruel :) LOL. I also refuse to allow my husband to have a tv in our room. When we first got married, we had one and it was a huge distraction. Later we had the computer and that was not any better. Now it is no electronics of any sort (blow dryers and curling irons dont count).


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