Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Update... finally.

I can’t believe I haven’t written in so long. Weeks, months have flown by and when I thought I’d have more time to write, I haven’t. Let’s see… what has happened since then. (I’m writing a list down in my mind, and then I realize I can’t cover everything that’s happened, so I’ll just give you the highlights.) A lot has happened, some important, some not. Well, I guess I’ll jump right in.

The Chef went to France for the entire month of May where he went to more cooking classes as this beautiful 8th century chateau and learned how to cook “authentic French” cuisine. The pictures of what they’ve cooked look marvelous, although I haven’t tasted anything yet. While he was in France he also worked for this very fancy, very expensive French restaurant called Ousteau de Baumaniere (try to say that fast!). The Chef really liked his experience there, but he was certainly grateful to come back home!

While The Chef was in France, I went to Los Angeles for a writing conference.
While the conference was great, and really inspired me to write, one month later, I doubt I’ve written at all. Sad.

I also made a trip out to the ranch in Nebraska in May, it was great to hang out with my parents, to ride, to work cows, to just be out in the open air. Why is it that all sunrises and sunsets are ten times more beautiful out in the country? Is it the clear, unpolluted air, or the fact that there is nothing there to block a person from seeing the grandeur of the sky. It was great to be home, to catch up with everyone.

Last week, The Chef came home from France, brimming with stories, loaded down with pictures of all the places he had visited, and had a suitcase of dirty laundry. I have to say I do have an incredible husband, because he did his own laundry the next day, as well as my laundry hamper full. It was hard to be apart from my husband for almost five weeks, but when he came home it was so amazing, and I really understand how much God has blessed me with.

Now The Chef is cramming for final culinary exams and is today doing his final practical exam, where he has to cook a four/five course dinner for his two chef instructors in three hours featuring items he’s not familiar with until the start of the exam. He stayed up all night looking up recipes, and trying to get a game plan, and I hope he’s prepared, because he text messaged me when he found out his “mystery items” and they are chicken, mussels, and fennel. I know he wasn’t happy to cook the chicken because it is such a common meat, that he’ll have to be fancy with his cooking in order to impress the chefs. So pray for him.

On Friday he’ll be graduating, which is great! I’m so glad that he has accomplished so much and that he was able to chase his dreams. He’s already got a job, at a new restaurant that’s opening up near where we live. It’s name is Blu, and is next to a lake and a Yacht Club, so hopefully the restaurant will be busy. My mother in law is flying to Denver on Thursday to be here for Rama’s graduation. It’ll be great to have family in town! But I’m busy cleaning the house, trying to finish a baby quilt I’m making for a shower on Saturday, and washing dishes.

We found the china set that we had registered for when we were engaged. No one bought us china, because it seems in these modern days, china isn’t really considered a necessity for young married couples. I was disappointed that no one got us the set, and then even more disappointed when I realized that the china pattern we loved was discontinued. But then last week, we found the set on an online store, and was shocked to see how deeply discounted the dishes were! I was able to order all the china I wanted for about 90% off of the original price! I am so happy to finally have fancy china, and even happier to realize that it’s so affordable! Now I need to wash it all and put it away in our cupboards, I don’t even think our apartment is big enough to hold all the people that our china could serve! Oh well, someday we’ll get a bigger place. Right now, our tiny little apartment feels like home, and since it’s just The Chef and I rattling around the old place, we don’t need much more room.

I do have to say that we’ve been contemplating buying a house. With the housing market so terrible right now for sellers, a person can buy a house for a lot less money than a person could a few years ago. We’ve been keeping our eyes open, so pray for us that we find just the right location and opportunity. I hope that we’ll have a nice backyard so I can plant a garden, even though it’s too late for that already this year. But maybe put some bulbs in the ground for early spring flowers next year? Is it sad that I’ve been longing to be outside getting my hands dirty? No, I don’t think so. I’ve had too many farmers and gardeners in my ancestry to not long for planting.


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