Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Hating Non Primary Colors

It's true. I hate non-primary colors, well, for Christmas lights anyway. I am a fan of classic white twinkers, but in a pinch, understand primary colors. The bright reds, greens, and yellows of Christmas lights. What I can't understand, and kinda hate are the new trend of neon or pastel colored Christmas lights. Its not traditional, and its... well, its just not right.

But I may be biased because I live next to the Griswolds. See evidence below:

Exhibit One: An inflatable and glowing Homer J. Simpson as Santa Claus. (I shudder inside every time I drive by it.)

Exhibit Two: Inflatable and glowing polar bear jazz group. Notice the sunglasses on the polar bear. I'm not sure if they're serenading Santa, or everyone in general. Hmm...

Exhibit Three: Huge snow globe with blowing snow inside. Poor little Santa, I think he may be suffocating inside.

While all of the above exhibits are tacky by themselves, the blinking neon lights of the whole think really sets it apart. I think the planes landing at DIA can see this house from above. And while the blow up decorations are tacky, the thing that sets it apart in its tacky elegance is the absence of primary colors. All the lights are neon pinks, blues, greens. It reminds me of my childhood attending school in Nevada, and all of those school trips to Las Vegas.

I don't think it would be as bad if my neighbors used primary colored twinkle lights. But even though I shudder as I drive past this house, I have to admit that I take the longer route home simply so I can see the lights. The tackiness expresses the simple joy of Christmas, and the enthusiasm for the holiday is breathtaking. While I laugh at the display, I'm already excited to see what they do next year.

I hope they use primary colors though.


countrygirl3031 said...

I so agree with you...I dislike those blow up thingies so much. And what's worse is the motorcycle ones with Santa on them...yuck! I love my white lights...

Have a wonderful New Year's!


ang said...

Uh what happen to just a simple nativity scene? I wonder if I could convert from Catholic to Jewish, I haven't scene any blow up menorahs. LOL

Rama said...

The best part is when you drive by during the day and all the blowup thingies are laying down like dead bodies. I drive by and go *BANG BANG* as if I shot them myself


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