Friday, August 24, 2007


I've been trying to figure out a time to sit down and talk to you all about what's been going on with The Chef and I and our crazy life, but since we all seem so busy, I thought I'd email you all to at least catch you up with current events.

I'm sure you all remember those prayer requests I posted a few months back about my grandmother. She suffered a breast cancer relapse in May, and by the time everything's been said and done, she went through three weeks of radiation every day on her brain tumors, and eight weeks of chemotherapy treatment three times a week. But all of that didn't seem to do much good, as her tumors in her brain, spine, kidneys, liver, and lymph nodes have not shrunk, and the tumors in her lungs have multiplied. The doctor gave her three months to live in May, and since that was four months ago, the doctor believes she's only got about a month left.

My parents have always lived withing a hundred yards or so of my house while I grew up, so I've always looked at my grandma as a sort of second mom. That and the fact that she is still young (only 67) and her mom is still alive (Great Grandma is in a home and is 95) this whole thing has a shock and rather traumatic for me. But it was just this Tuesday night when it really hit home, as my mom called to tell me that Grandma just has a month of so left. Getting a timeline suddenly made it so much more real, and I can't be in denial anymore.

Because of that, I am really feeling pulled to spend more time at home, (as my grandmother lives next to my parents on the ranch in Nebraska). Grandma needs full time supervision now, either my grandpa, mom or cousin has to be constantly with her. My work has granted me an FMLA (Family or Medical Leave Act) leave of absence, and although The Chef and I are still trying to figure out the days and times I'll be at the ranch, I wanted you to know. At this point, I think I will be at the ranch from Thursday to Sunday every week or every other week. I'll miss church, but will be able to attend Midweek, and will be able to work about 3 days a week, and work at the ranch for the other four days a week (actually 3 as it will take six hours each way to drive back and forth).

The Chef and I certainly welcome any and all advice, and please pray for us! It certainly has been a summer full of trials, and we need prayer! Specifically that I can have good spiritual talks with my grandma and that God can use me to help my grandma pass away with no regrets and with salvation! Also, that The Chef and I can balance this Nebraska/Colorado back and forth thing and we can lean on each other to keep our marriage healthy.

Tuesday, August 21, 2007

New Desk

Today, I am in the corner of my office, working on a laptop, surrounded by cardboard boxes and books. Its like I'm a little kid playing house in an old refridgerator box. But no. What's really going on it I'm getting a new desk. Yea! A professional, real, honest to goodness desk with drawers and everything. I AM SO EXCITED.


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