Wednesday, April 25, 2007

April Showers

Yesterday Denver was inundated with rain. 2.6" of rain in fact! As we sat indoors, complaining about the dreary day, the water soaked ground, and the large puddles that actually closed a few roads, I don't believe we really understood how lucky we were. Rama had the day off, so he drove me to work and picked me up afterwards, what a good husband! But I was complaining because I couldn't walk the two blocks to the Starbucks to get a cup of coffee, as the combination of the rain and cold wind made everything unpleasant.

This morning, one of the adjunct professors called in to cancel her class. What was a very wet spring rain for us, was a bit more serious for her. She lives in the mountains, and yesterday had 20 inches of snow. This morning, a 40 ton boulder rolled down the mountain, blocking the only road out, and she was stuck. She also has no electricity or water, and hasn't for over 24 hours now. She has a little wood burning stove that keeps her warm and she's able to cook some food over it. She also runs a boarding stable for 30 horses, and since her hired man can't get to the farm, she's responsible for feeding and watering all the horses. Her husband is away, working in Washington D.C., so she is all alone. This morning in order to call me to cancel classes she had to hike to the grocery store. Did I mention that she is in her mid-fifties and a grandma?

Never again will I complain about a little rain and not getting my Starbucks.

Monday, April 16, 2007

Finally Spring!

Today I decided to eat my lunch outside, and as soon as I stepped out of the doors of the library, I was hit by the combination of warm sunshine and freshly mown grass. I sat on a bench in the middle of campus, separated from the sidewalk by a little hill of grass and daffodils. As I sat there and read I was delighted to realize that yes, indeed, it's finally spring!

Sunday, April 8, 2007

Easter! Gerards in Town... and Snow on the Ground.

Happy Easter!!!

What a treat it was for me and my hubby, The Chef, when our dear friends, Jen and Jason from Bozeman, and Brandon from Boise came to visit us for Easter weekend. I promised them all a warm, sunny weekend with promised hikes in the mountains and an escape from the Artic Montana... of course I was wrong. The whole weekend was so foggy, rainy and cold that it felt a lot more like Seattle in the winter than sunny Denver.
But we had a blast... and that's the main thing, right?


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