Wednesday, July 25, 2007

GRE Study Plan

Okay, so the GRE Literature test that I HAVE to take in order to get in to grad school is on November 3, 2007. Which is 14 Saturdays from today! EEK!

So I'm compiling a study plan so I can get on board, and get a good enough score they'll let me into the PhD program here at the U.

I've broken the material into sections, and numbered the individual categories I have to learn! Eep! (ok I'm back, I had to go and breathe into a bag for a moment...)The good thing about all of this, is that since i ride the bus, and since summer's are slow at work, I think I'll be able to do some (all?) of my studying at work or at least on the way to work.

So here's my section breakdown... and all two of my readers, you can hold me accountable! I'll probably post what I'm learning on the blog too... so beware!

American Literature
1. Colonial American
2. 18 &19th century prose
3. 18 &19th century poetry
4. Modernist Poetry
5. Modernist Novel
6. Harlem Renaissance
7. Postmodern & Contemporary poetry
8. Postmodern & Contemporary novel & drama
British Literature
9. Medieval & Early Brit Lit
10. Renaissance
11. Shakespeare
12. Restoration comedy
13. Restoration Prose & Poetry
14. 17th & 18th Century Poetry
15. 18 &19th Century prose and the novel
16. British Romanticism
17. Victorian Poetry
18. British (and Irish) Modernism
19. Postmodern & Contemporary British Lit
Antiquity and “World” Literature
20. Classical Literature
21. Modern “World” Literature
Terms, Criticism, and Forms
22. Poetic Forms, Literary Terms, etc.
23. Sonnets
24. Literary Theory


MrMike said...

I don't envy you in the least. I'm so glad to never have to study for a test again, that is until I go back for my masters :( But, I'm probably going to get an MBA, which should be easy compared to Engineering College. Anyway, Good Luck to you Mrs. Ko!

rahyal said...

Thanks for great sharing post. Its very comprehensive information for everyone,This tips is very useful for me and I will share it to my friends keep posting GRE Study Plan


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